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Dan Gartman

Loot Envelope - Vol.3 Circus

Loot Envelope - Vol.3 Circus

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Loot Envelope is a set of small arts with surprise effect placed in an envelope. Perfectly fits people who love everything tiny. Could be send as a present directly. 

Three small prints
Size: 5 x 7'' (12.7 x 17.8 cm)
Cotton paper (270 gsm)
Hand signed and protected with a plastic poly bag.

Tiny original hand-signed art 
Size: 2 x 3'' (7.7 x 5.2 cm) 
Hand drawn using watercolors + Ink pen 
Cotton kraft watercolor paper. 

Handmade collection card 
One random card picked from the 12 cards of the collectible card deck. Each card has a unique number. 

FREE Shipping for this product.
Loot Envelopes are shipped by Canada Post from Calgary, Canada.
Approximate delivery time is up to 6-10 days. 

Important! This shipping method is a standard letter mail that doesn't include any tracking number. Don't forget to check your mailbox.

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